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Alcohol, addiction and the brain with Dr Marc Lewis The Alcohol 'Problem' Podcast

In this episode we talk to Dr Marc Lewis,  a neuroscientist and former professor of developmental psychology. We explore what addiction is from a neuroscience perspective, including why Marc does not consider it a disease, despite changes to the brain. We discuss how addiction relates to habit, compulsion, and how these can be understood as functions of the brain and human behaviour. Marc also talks about his own alcohol use and reflections about alcohol as a complex drug – both good and bad. Marc has authored or co-authored more than fifty journal articles in neuroscience and developmental psychology.  His first book, Memoirs of an Addicted Brain, is the first to blend memoir and science in addiction studies. His last book, The Biology of Desire,  refutes the medical view of addiction as a brain disease through both neuroscience and real world explorations of addiction problems. 
  1. Alcohol, addiction and the brain with Dr Marc Lewis
  2. What is Alcohol Use Disorder? Concepts and measurement with Dr Cassie Boness
  3. Labelling & language in mental health & alcohol with Dr Lucy Foulkes
  4. Alcohol and older adults with Dr Sarah Wadd & John Slater
  5. Alcohol risk, guidelines and messaging with Tom Chivers & Colin Angus

The Alcohol ‘Problem’ Podcast aims to explore the nature of problem drinking with @jamesmorris24 and a range of guests

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